NAS hosts a Stainless Steel Workshop for Hanover College Engineering Students

On May 13th, NAS hosted at its Ghent Plant a Stainless Steel Workshop for engineering students from Hanover College, Indiana. The workshop included presentations related to general knowledge of stainless steel, grades and families of stainless steel, main alloying elements, applications of stainless steel and the manufacturing process followed at NAS.

After lunch, the students and faculty toured the plant, following the main steps in manufacturing, beginning at the Melt Shop where they got to see molten steel being refined at the Argon Oxygen Decarburators and cast into solid slabs. Followed by Hot Rolling where they saw slabs processed into large coils and Cold Rolling where they saw a reduction in gauge of a coil of approximately 5 miles in length.

The stainless steel workshop is part of a program designed to give engineering students information related to stainless steel and the manufacturing process in a way that complements their academic education by providing them with the opportunity to see firsthand the process onsite.