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NAS’s Quality Management System (QMS) is designed to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and has been registered with SRI Quality System Registrar. In addition, all NAS facilities are ISO 9001–2008 certified.

Laboratory facilities to meet the highest standards

To ensure the quality and integrity of our products, NAS’s laboratories conduct rigorous testing using the latest technology and industry advancements. In addition to the surface quality of the steel, we also consider other factors including the gauge, steel type, mechanical properties, finish and any other customer requirements.

Multiple samples are taken after each step in the process to test for strength, bend, corrosion and chemistry. Using a Siemens x-ray spectrometer, Optical Electron spectrometer and Leco analyzers, we check composition and content for positive product identification and traceability. Our labs comply with all requirements of the17025:2005 standard.

Our Process

Over the past 20 years, NAS has carefully developed an optimum production process to ensure an efficient operation that yields the highest quality steel. At all stages of the process, our line operators and seasoned inspectors carefully manage and monitor the workflow for industry-leading product results.






















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