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Reinforcement Bars

NAS offers stainless reinforcement bars in the austenitic and duplex grades in various sizes—available in coils and straight lengths. High resistance to corrosion makes this product ideal for concrete reinforcement in bridges, parking garages and coastal facilities. Additionally, the non-magnetic properties are well suited for military, medical and scientific applications.

Steel Types



*Only in coils

Note: Larger sizes are also available. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Surface Finish

AS Rolled, Shot blasted & pickled.

Additional Information


Specifications: A276, ASTM A955, BS6744
Note: Material may be certified to other standard specifications as well.
Please contact NAS for specific requirements.


Coils: Up to 5000 lbs.

Straight Lengths:
Up to 40 ft. in length in 2000–2500 lb. bundles.
Bundles may be wrapped in plastic upon request.