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NAS is the largest manufacturer of stainless angles in the U.S., providing equal-leg-length angles in 304/304L and 316/316L grades in a variety of dimensions. Our finishing angle bay consists of an angle straightener, shot-blast machine and a tunnel pickling line. NAS can produce variable thicknesses and lengths to provide you with the materials you need at the specifications you require.

Steel Types


Leg Length: 0.750″ – 4.000″
Thickness: 0.125″ – 0.500″
Length: *21 ft +/- 1 ft

*Although some combinations of leg length and thickness are not available, special lengths and tolerances may be accommodated.
Contact NAS for specific requirements.

Dimensional Tolerance: Per ASTM A484.

Surface Finish

Hot rolled, shot blasted and pickled.

Additional Information


*The above properties are typical, rather than minimum, maximum or average and will vary by size. These are not intended for use as specification.

Specifications: ASTM A276, ASTM 484
Note: Material may be certified to other standard specifications as well.
Please contact NAS for specific requirements.

Packaging: Angles are packaged in 500–2500–lb. bundles. Upon request, bundles can be wrapped in plastic.