Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Enhancing opportunities

North American Stainless regards equality, diversity and inclusion as the combination of different personal and professional qualities and characteristics that enable it to compete successfully in the markets in which it operates.

NAS’s Objective

icono objetivo

Increase the number of new recruits from minorities by 10% every year

The Acerinox Group has been working over the years to promote equality throughout the entire workforce, which has given rise to a cultural change that is already integrated in the Group. This change is based on the implementation and annual development of the Acerinox Group’s Equality Plan, which to date applies to the Spanish companies, and the eight vectors on which it is based.

icono comunicacion sensibilizacion

Communication & awareness

icono seleccion contratacion

Recruitment &

icono retribucion brecha genero

Gender pay

icono corresponsabilidad conciliacion familiar

Joint responsibility & reconciliation

icono representacion femenina

Classification, promotion & under-representation of women

icono formacion desarrollo profesional

Professional training & development

icono prevencion riesgos laborales

Prevention of occupational hazards & all types of harassment

icono atencion violencia genero

Addressing gender-based violence