North American Stainless  International Advisory Center (NIAC) holds customer information seminars during April and May.

NIAC, an interdepartmental group within NAS, held three groups of customers for  information seminars at our Kentucky Plant during April and May.  The seminars consisted of a 1 hour classroom session followed by 3 hours of Plant Tour (including a lunch break)

Subjects in the seminar included:

  • What is stainless?  Composition
  • Main benefit of stainless: Corrosion resistance, formation of Chrome Oxide passive layer, differences with Carbon Steel
  • Other benefits of Stainless Steel: Durability, aesthetic look, profitability, recycling
  • Major Alloy Elements: Ni, Cr, Mo, Fe:  what effect on Stainless Steel, how are they priced where are they sourced (including presentation of samples of  Ni, FeNi , Charge FeCr, FeMo, and scrap)
  • Families of Stainless Steel:  Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic, Duplex
  • Main Applications of each family of stainless Steels
  • Stainless Steel Process flow from Melting to Finishing Lines
  • NAS production capabilities: Melting , Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling, Long Products
  • General information regarding NAS and Acerinox Group of companies
  • NAS grades offered to the market
  • Range of NAS products offered to the market:  Flat Products and Long Products

After the classroom session, we included a tour in which they were able to see firsthand a number of the subjects discussed.

The seminars were tailored to the professional background  of the visitors, in order for the attendees to finish the seminars with a good general knowledge of stainless steel.