Price Announcement

Effective with shipments January 1, 2021, North American Stainless will make the
following price changes:

● Cold Rolled 300 series and 430 increase by reducing the functional discount 2 points.
● Cold Rolled 200 series increase by reducing the functional discount by 3 points.
● Continuous Mill Plate (CMP) increase by $.03/lb.
● 409, 436, 439, 441, 446, HR1 and all other automotive ferritics increase by $.03/lb.
● Temper extra for 1⁄4 hard, 1⁄2 hard, and 3⁄4 hard will change to $.14/lb. All other Tempers will be defined per inquiry request.
● New adder of $.03/lb to all widths less than 48” wide. This extra will be applied after the standard price build and other applicable extras.

Please note, all active requests for quote will be subject to the price changes listed above.