Project Cold Rolling Mill Sendzimir #5

On Thursday April 23, 2009 NAS ran the first production coil on Z-mill #5. The new mill, supplied by Sendzimir Japan (Sejal), was built and commissioned on schedule. This makes the 5th cold rolling mill for NAS and the 3rd mill supplied by Sejal. The new mill is a 62” wide mill and adds the newest technology to the group. The line capabilities include a minimum gauge 0.016” and maximum final gauge 0.25” with the maximum coil weight of 77,000. lb. With this mill NAS completes the expansion on cold rolling. This gives NAS an annual capacity of over 840,000 metric tons. This line is in addition to the Hot Annealing and pickling line in December, 2008 and the AOD in September, 2008.

zmill5 announcement